Computer and Network Engineering

October 26, 2015
Student of MSc in Computer

Network engineers design, build and troubleshoot computer networks.Network engineers design, build and trobleshoot and fix computer systems.

The rapid development of computer networking because the eighties has produced numerous jobs within the network technology area. Certainly one of individuals is network system engineer, also known as computer architect or network administrator. Network engineers design, implement and monitor systems to make sure maximum uptime for network customers. Based on the U.S. Bls the median annual salary for any network administrator this year was $69, 160, with expected job growth through 2020 at approximately 28 percent.

Computer Systems

Computer systems connect computer systems, ink jet printers along with other products and facilitate communication and resource discussing between all the products. A lot of companies have some type of network installed to allow constant communication in addition to connect to the web, that is a network of systems. Network engineers must design systems for efficiency and resilience to maximise performance and reduce down time.


Network engineers research the easiest method to design confirmed network, considering constraints for example building layout, closeness to risks, and budget. When multiple locations are participating, the engineer must design a large area network (WAN), which introduces using data communication companies and extra performance challenges. Asking the best questions helps the network engineer perform well.


When the network design qualifies and also the equipment acquired, the network engineer starts the job of applying the network. Many occasions network engineers manage others in the configuration and installing of equipment. Timing is essential and tasks should be matched with sub-contractors for cabling and energy. A great network engineer is another good project manager.


True network engineering involves being aware of not only systems, and includes an awareness of server os's, electrical concepts, security and problem fixing. Network engineers spend considerable time researching new technology to ensure that they are able to keep the organization on the good technology track. Some companies require their network engineers to pass through network certification tests for example CompTIA’s Network+ or Microsoft’s MCSE.

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