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September 20, 2015
Department of Electrical and
Can One double major like a engineering student?

Yes. You'll be able to pursue another major in engineering, or along with other disciplines. We positively support double engineering majors and pairing engineering along with other disciplines like a double major. Common double majors within the sciences include information technology, physics, mathematics, financial aspects, and public policy studies. Additional interests as diverse as art, music, psychology, or the social sciences and humanities are positively supported, much like courses needed to organize for application to medical, law, or business school.

What's the distinction between information technology and electrical and computer engineering?

Information technology (CS) is typically more worried about the theoretical underpinnings of computation as well as programming. Electrical and computer engineering concentrates on the sensible facets of development and employ of computer systems. Courses in digital logic design and processor interfacing which develop an engineering student's understanding of electronics and circuits really are a typical a part of ECE programs. Read a complete essay about this subject.

Can One study abroad being an engineering student?

Yes. We encourage our students to benefit from foreign academic possibilities through Duke's Global Education office and most 27% in our undergraduate students do study abroad. An array of plans are possible, including students investing a couple of days, a summer time, or perhaps a semester or longer within an worldwide locale. Based on your language abilities, you are able to take both liberal arts and engineering classes for credit at foreign colleges. We believe it is particularly important for engineers - those who design the earth's technology-with an understanding and appreciation for other cultures. It's never too soon to start considering study abroad – even just in your newcomer year. A number of our students do foreign currency in nov their junior year, therefore we allow us study abroad course plans with this for all of our engineering majors, though students can take part in other individuals anytime.

Is definitely an engineering degree good preparation for school of medicine?

Yes. Actually, nearly 25% in our engineering students go onto school of medicine every year. Engineering practical method of quantitative problem fixing is great preparation for school of medicine. Find out about one student's experience of planning for school of medicine. Duke also provides a pre-mediterranean program, along with other broad varying, relevant programs for example biology, psychology, sociology, and physical anthropology. Pick the mixture of classes and majors that meets your interests!

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Question: Is Computer Science a Cool and Fun Profession?
Aditya Shrotri, GATE AIR-1, Computer Engineering, IIT-B
Aditya Shrotri, GATE AIR-1, Computer Engineering, IIT-B
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Barack Obama - Computer Science Question
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