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September 24, 2015
2014 SPIS Computer Science

chaudhry-ghulam-2013Couple of industries have transformed quicker than information technology and electrical engineering. Cloud technology, Internet security software and mobile programs really are a couple of from the advances which have totally changed the labor force and global economy. The has broadened so quickly that’s it’s impossible to calculate how technology careers can change in 4 years, only one factor is for certain: A diploma from UMKC’s Information Technology Electrical Engineering Department will help you prepare to sit in your brand-new role which help move society forward.


The Department laptop or computer Science Electrical Engineering seems youthful since it was formally organized in 2003. Nevertheless its plant's roots are firmly established in UMKC’s history.

This college has centered on 21st-century careers because the College of Might offered its first general engineering degree within the nineteen fifties. This program – and also the college, now UMKC – has gone through revolutionary change since that time. The college added an electric engineering master’s enter in 1964 to deepen its research and training. As technology increased, the college worked with using the College of Missouri-Columbia to provide an undergraduate degree, that was accredited by ABET in 1978. A satellite campus at UMKC permitted students to earn their undergraduate and master’s levels from MU but stay in Might. This program was moved to UMKC’s recently created School of Computing and Engineering in 2001.

As interest in electrical engineering increased, so did programming. The very first programming courses were offered in early seventies. The very first information technology degree arrived the late seventies. It laid the footwork for that Information Technology Telecommunication Enter in 1984. The discipline then became a member of the Electrical Engineering enter in the college of Computing and Engineering in 2001.

By 2003, Dean William Osborne organized the college of Computing and Engineering into departments, developing the pc Science Electrical Engineering Department and also the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Department.

Source: sce.umkc.edu
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