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November 3, 2016
About Computer Science and

photo of a student and professor looking at a laptopThe Department laptop or computer Science and Engineering provides a program of graduate study resulting in an expert of Science degree. This program talents range from the unique mixture of faculty expertise, well-outfitted information technology laboratory facilities, along with a balance of theory, practice, hardware, and software. Degree needs focus on the regions of software system design and analysis. Classes for this program can be found within the late mid-day and evening hrs for everyone the academic needs of practicing computer professionals.


A Bs degree in Information Technology, Computer Engineering, or perhaps a related area from an ABET accredited institution of greater education having a minimum information technology and computer engineering GPA of three. along with a minimum combined GRE score of 298 (1050 underneath the old scale).

The GRE requirement is waived for WSU-ECS candidates having a Baloney degree and minimum GPA of three.3. This requirement can also be waived for candidates from the U.S. institution having a graduate degree inside a science or engineering area. Finally the GRE requirement is waived for non-degree CSE graduated pupils if their GPA for 9 or even more hrs of CSE graduate courses is 3.3 or greater.

Students might be accepted conditionally should they have an undergraduate gpa of two.7 or over and a minimum of a 3. gpa in most courses the following.

Students using from overseas will have to give a TOEFL score for admittance to this program. Here are the TOEFL needs.

Internet Test Score - 79-80 minimum Paper Test Score - 550 minimum Computer Test Score - 213 minimum

Course Requirements

Courses covering computer-programming, data structures, theory of computation, digital circuits, computer organization, and os's. The types of materials covered during these courses ought to be equal to, correspondingly, CS 5100, CEG 6350, and CEG 5310 at Wright Condition College.

Science and math Requirements:Twelve months sequences in calculus and calculus-based physics, in addition to understanding of linear or matrix algebra, regular differential equations, probability, and statistics.

Degree Needs

Students must complete as many as thirty (30) graduate credit hrs in information technology and computer engineering (CS/CEG), of that half ought to be from information technology (CS).

The Masters of Science program offers both thesis and non-thesis options.

Thesis Option

The thesis option requires acceptable completing a masters thesis inside a program of study composed from the Information Technology core courses and

30 graduate credit hrs in CS/CEG courses a minumum of one (1) formal CS/CEG course in the 7000/8000 level A maximum of three (3) hrs of independent study and nine (9) hrs of thesis work

Non-Thesis Option

The non-thesis option enables a bigger quantity of the loan hrs to become gained through formal training. Students must complete the pc Science core courses and

A minimum of five (5) courses in the 7000/8000 level A maximum of three (3) hrs of independent study, which counts like a 6000-level course

Core Courses

The Pc Science Core courses require selecting one course from each category below:

Theory CS 7200 Formula Design and Analysis OR CS 7220: Computability and Complexity Software CS 7100: Advanced Programming Languages OR CS 7140: Advanced Software Engineering Systems and Programs CEG 7370: Distributed Computing OR CS 7700: Advanced Database Systems

All CS and CEG graduate courses, 6000 level and above, indexed by the catalog might be accustomed to fulfill the 30 credit hour requirement, except for CEG 6350 Os's Internal Design.

Students must complete all of the needs for any masters degree within six (6) many years of the date a student matriculated. Courses over the age of six (6) years can't be used toward degree needs.

A graduate student who receives greater than six (6) credit hrs of grades C, D, F, X, or U in information technology or computer engineering graduate courses is going to be suggested towards the Graduate School for dismissal anytime the student's CS/CEG graduate GPA (such as the repeated courses) falls below 3..

Source: engineering-computer-science.wright.edu
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