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June 25, 2015
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CSE senior design project studentsOur wide range of majors allows you be as specialized or general as you desire

Offered collectively using the Henry Samueli School of Engineering, the pc Science and Engineering (CSE) major supplies a unique educational chance for college students wondering about both software and hardware facets of computer systems, and the use of computer systems to real-world problems. CSE includes techniques of organizing and adjusting information (information technology), along with the style of computer systems as well as their components (computer engineering). As a result, CSE combines interesting subjects in computing products, systems, software and systems engineering.

CSE graduates are very well-situated for career possibilities both in academia and industry. Our alumni are utilized at leading companies or continue their studies toward M.S. or Ph.D. levels at exclusive colleges.

Embedded products progressively drive innovation in consumer goods and items, and frequently are utilized in large amounts to create sensor systems that monitor the elements, atmosphere, or physical structures. Students wondering how such products are made and built are urged look around the CSE major.

Graduates from the program will:

  • demonstrate broad understanding laptop or computer science and engineering
  • design, describe and employ condition-of-the-art hardware/software systems
  • maintain understanding of contemporary issues in information technology and engineering inside a global and social context, as well as an knowledge of the professional and ethical duties of the profession
  • demonstrate effective dental and written communication.

For additional info on CSE objectives and goals see .

Annual student enrollment and graduation data are available at: . Please be aware that annual student enrollment and graduation data for CSE is the sum data under both Engineering and knowledge and Information Technology.

Information Technology and Engineering majors take part in building hardware infrastructure — computer systems, systems and embedded products — in addition to os's, compilers as well as networking software. The main focus is on cooperation between software and hardware to yield the greatest performance.

Graduates from the CSE program at UCI can pursue careers which involve traffic management, flight control, earthquake monitoring, automotive control and building wise houses. All students also go onto graduate school, ongoing their studies, performing research and generating advanced levels in computer engineering, information technology, information science, management or law.

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