Department of Electronics Engineering

November 1, 2015
Offered by the Department

alexwithcomputer_250Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology curriculum include design, building and testing of an array of electronic and personal computers for example: controlling electronic products, communications products, digital signal processing, instrumentation, computer security as well as networking. Our program features a diverse contact with programming languages for example Java, C, scripting and set up. Furthermore students take several courses in VHDL, a hardware description language utilized in programming electronic hardware. Students are needed to consider a alternative energy course which exposes these to responsible global citizenship. Within their senior year the scholars are needed to accept senior capstone course . This season lengthy course needs a project which will showcase their technical understanding from beginning to final product. The capstone includes community outreach, budget planning, reviews and presentations to some panel of college and clients.
Electronic engineering technology combines engineering understanding and techniques with technical abilities to aid engineering activities, emphasizing request instead of theory and style. Regions of concentration include automated manufacturing and test procedures, industrial controls, microcomputer related hardware programs, instrumentation, linear analog integrated circuits, energy generation and distribution, digital communications, and biomedical electronic programs.
The ceaseless development and use of new electronic products and systems guarantees a powerful interest in electronic technologists. Major industrial and businesses nationwide have intriguing and challenging positions obtainable in aeronautics, medical electronics, computer systems, broadcasting, telecommunications, factory automation, and robotics. Graduates may go inside the engineering team in applied design, product, manufacturing, production, or technical procedures.

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