Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree

July 14, 2015
Queen s University Belfast

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The Program

This degree is provided having a expertise that might be selected at the beginning of the ultimate year or upon registration.


All of our programmes give a broad education plus an appropriate way of measuring expertise in Advanced Electronic, Electrical and Personal Computers. Graduates enjoy excellent employment prospects throughout industry, financial organisations, government and also the professions and therefore are well capable of join research teams.

Level 1

Circuit Theory, Digital Design, Mathematics, Computer-programming and Electronic Design make up the core subjects. Additionally, students choose an elective option from a listing which includes Mechanics and Physics.

Level 2

Further study of Electronic Design, Digital Design, Embedded Programming and Mathematics is accompanied by introductions to Signals and Electromechanical Systems. Again, based on appropriate lab and project work.

Level 3

Emphasis turns to create synthesis. Subjects include Energy Systems, Analogue Electronics, Embedded Systems, Physical Electronics and Communications. The entire year is finished by focusing on a sizable team-based project, integrating Digital and Software Design, Mechanics and Management.

Level 4

Students focus on a person honours project and choose trained subjects from a listing which includes Embedded Systems, Sustainable Energy and Energy Systems, Communications, Image Processing, Radio wave Communications, Analogue Electronics and Microwave Techniques.

Joanna Parry

  • Present job Secretary of state for Defence, Bristol
Joanna Parry

Why have you choose Heriot-Watt?
Heriot-Watt was among the top colleges in Scotland for that programme I needed to review. I selected Heriot-Watt because after i visited with an open day I loved everything standing on one campus and also the staff were very friendly and welcoming.

What programme have you study and just what made you select it?
I analyzed Electrical and Electronic Engineering when i really loved Mathematics and Physics in school. The amount gave me a very regarded as qualification which assisted me to obtain a well compensated professional career.

What were your favourite facets of the programme?
The best areas of the programme were the variation in activities, from individual projects to large group projects and theoretical try to practical lab work. The versatility within the programme allows each student choose their very own individual road to expertise. There is something for everybody.

Who'd you recommend your programme to and why?
I would suggest the programme to anybody that is interested in science and it is prepared to strive. The programme is extremely intriguing and explores many regions of electronics but students is only going to get free from the programme the things they place in.

What's your present job?
My current (graduate) job is by using the Secretary of state for Defence in Bristol. I'm on the two year training plan using the MoD that will provide me with learning project management software, equipment support, development and design and production prior to being put into a lasting publish.

That which was the very best factor about as being a student at Heriot-Watt?
The very best factor about Heriot-Watt wasn't only carrying out a good programme but being a member of the sports union and playing sport each week for Heriot-Watt. This provided abilities will be able to utilise within my job for example leadership and team working.

What can become your practical tip to a different student?
My top tip is always to enjoy your time and effort at college ensuring you usually concentrate on your degree to the stage needed but additionally explore another possibilities for example sports clubs, communities and unions. Get involved with as numerous activities as you possibly can, mainly in the first couple of years once the work isn't as heavy, but don't forget you're there for any reason which is to buy a diploma.

Entry needs

The College offers since it's normal entry routes:

  • entry at Level 1, mainly for college students with Scottish Highers (or similar)
  • entry at Level 2, mainly for college students having a-levels (or similar).

There's nonetheless considerable versatility, with respect to the degree of qualifications, for newcomers having a-levels to choose to enter at Level 1 as well as for Scottish students to go in at Level 2. Direct entry into Level 3 can also be feasible for students who curently have certain HE qualifications.

Level 1 entry

  • Highers BBBBC
  • A-Levels BBB
  • HNC A in rated unit of relevant HNC with a lot more mathematics
  • Int. Baccalaureate 29 suggests include Greater Level Mathematics and Physics
  • Scottish Baccalaureate pass with BC in Adv. Greater Maths and Physics
  • More information The topics analyzed must include Mathematics and Physics or Technological Studies. Candidates might be accepted with a variety of alternative qualifications including BTEC.

Level 2 entry

  • A-Levels ABB with Maths or Physics
  • Advanced Highers BB in Mathematics and Physics and AABB at Greater
  • HND AA in rated models of relevant HND with a lot more mathematics
  • Scottish Baccalaureate Distinction with AB in Adv. Greater Mathematics and Physics
  • More information In most cases including Mathematics and Physics (or Technological Studies).

Level 3 entry

  • More information Please contact Admissions Tutor to go over further. In the finish of third year, students can use to transfer towards the MEng programme. Students along with other qualifications, both from inside the United kingdom and overseas are urged to use. Please contact the Admissions Tutor for clarification on any part of the admissions process.
Source: www.undergraduate.hw.ac.uk
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