Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians Jobs

November 28, 2016

electronic engineering techniciansElectrical and electronic engineering specialists essential career information:

  • 2012 median pay: $57, 850
  • 2012, quantity of jobs: 144, 460
  • Employment growth forecast, 2010-2020: 2 percent
  • Basic level education needs: Associate’s degree

Electrical and electronic engineering specialists the things they're doing:

An electric specialist career as well as an electronic engineering specialist career attract individuals who enjoy checking, researching and fixing an array of technical problems across an assorted digital and electronic landscape. Electrical specialists and electronic specialists ought to be detail oriented and also have a strong ability to be effective with other people.

An electric specialist career as well as an electronic engineering specialist career involve aiding engineers with creating communications equipment, computer systems, navigational equipment, medical products along with other electrical and electronic engineering equipment. An electric specialist career as well as an electronic specialist career might also involve employed in product evaluation and testing and taking advantage of calculating products to regulate and repair equipment.

Particularly, electrical specialists patch together electrical and electronic systems in addition to build and repair electrical instruments or testing equipment. An electric engineer specialist career involves checking designs for qc and making recommendations. An electric engineering specialist modifies and examines the performance of developmental parts, devices or systems under test conditions.

Electronic engineering specialists work under an engineer’s direction to create fundamental circuitry and draft sketches to describe particulars of design plans. Once designed, some electronic specialists assemble, test, and keep electronic components based on engineering instructions. A digital specialist career includes creating parts, determining and fixing equipment problems and carrying out preventative maintenance on equipment.

electrical engineering techniciansElectrical and electronic engineering specialists job game titles:

  • Electrical Engineering Specialist
  • Renovate Specialist
  • Electrical Specialist
  • Instrument and Controls Specialist
  • Electronic Specialist
  • Electronic Engineering Specialist
  • Engineering Specialist
  • Failure Analysis Specialist
  • Test Specialist

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Specialists Education, Certification and License Needs

Electrical specialists and electronic engineering specialists typically require an Connect in Electronic Engineering Technology degree or perhaps an Connect in Electrical Engineering Technology degree from the vocational-technical school or college to go in the area.

failure analysis techniciansTechnical institutes offer many certificates that fluctuate long and scope in addition to accredited connect degree programs serving regional students and stress training required for local companies. Community schools provide similar programs, nonetheless they offer more theory-based and liberal arts training.

Electrical and electronic engineering specialists programs cover subjects for example:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Integrated circuits
  • Electricity-AC electronics
  • Digital basic principles
  • Electronic communications
  • Electrical engineering technology
  • Computer systems, structure and logic

Students may require an electric specialist or electronic specialist certification from the provincial association, like the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies, acquired after several year’s supervised experience.

After finishing an associate’s degree program, graduates could get jobs as electrical and electronic specialists or continue the amount inside a related area, just like an electrical engineering technologist, in a 4-year college.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Specialists Job Outlook

Forecast: 2 % employment growth from 2010 to 2020 for electrical and electronic specialists.

A number of electrical specialists and electronic specialists operate in traditional manufacturing industries, a number of these industries are seeing virtually no growth. However, employment growth for electrical engineer and electronic engineering specialists can happen in engineering firms as companies contract out these types of services to lessen costs.

Computer and electronics systems are actually more integrated. For instance, computer and gps systems (Gps navigation) technology is incorporated in cars in addition to portable and household electronic systems. This trend continuously increase interest in specialists in electronics.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Specialists Salary

  • 2012 median annual wage: $57, 850
  • 2012, employees in the 75th percentile annual wage: $69, 570
  • 2012, employees in the 25th percentile annual wage: $44, 490

Major Companies

  • Architectural, engineering and related services
  • Manufacturing
  • Authorities (excluding postal service)
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