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November 24, 2014
Free Electronics Mini Projects

Mini ProjectsCircuitsToday is listing some free engineering small projects that may be presented and created by students for his or her exams. These small projects are relevant for B-Tech/BE engineering students from various streams like Electronics and Instrumentation (EI), Electronics and Communication (ECE), Electrical Engineering (EEE), diploma and so forth. Although the electronic circuits may look complex, they're described at length together with a circuit diagram, and therefore are described with links of products which are utilized in the circuit. Please be aware that these projects aim at students, enthusiasts and fanatics. If you will find any doubts concerning the circuit, you can discuss the publish. You may also generate any modifications you would like, and request us for those who have doubts. In addition, please feel the existing comments to obtain a better concept of the electronics small project subjects.


This minor small project can be used to create a street light that cheers up when evening falls and instantly turns OFF when day light is available in. To be able to identify the quantity of light that's required to decide when you should cut-from the circuit and then activate to control your emotions with the aid of a sensor known as . The primary principle used behind the LDR is the fact that, the existence of light causes the resistance from the sensor to visit low. You are able to modify he circuit by putting LED’s rather than the 230 volt light. To understand much more about it, browse the comments succumbed the circuit. The circuit is pretty simple to design, and additional modifications can be created based on your decision.


This is among the most fundamental and finest small projects in electronics. A can be used to rectify the AC mains current to charge battery. The circuit includes fundamental transistor switching techniques and also the components are cheap are available in most electronics shops. An in depth description concerning the publish can also be given, which provides you with a much better idea.


This straightforward small project can be used to create an indication to exhibit the speed of ventilation inside a given space. The ventilation is thought with the aid of an incandescent bulb filament. The versions because of the modification of resistance within the bulb because of the ventilation receive towards the input of the LM339 . The circuit diagram along with a better description from the circuit is succumbed the publish above. Further modifications could be introduced towards the circuit and a number of them are succumbed your comments ought to section.


This circuit can be used to create a security output (bell or light), when the amount of water increases over a certain level. This circuit utilizes a fundamental . A resistance probe is placed on the time the alarm would be to focused on, the moment water increases as much as that much cla. An in depth circuit could be observed in the publish above. The amount of components required for this circuit is extremely less and could be easily put together on the PCB.


This circuit can be used as discovering a fireplace and creating a security, thus notifying the folks within the building where it's installed. A transistor sensor known as BC177 can be used to sense the warmth created because of the fireplace. A preset level could be stored for that transistor. The moment the temperature increases over the set preset level, the leakage current from the transistor increases, thus driving another transistors within the circuit. A can also be accustomed to switch the bell load since it's output. The constituents required for the circuit could be acquired easily and also the circuit is simple to create.


This small project is principally intended for Btech EC students. An IC known as TDA7000 can be used with the objective. The IC is integrated having a Frequency-Locked-Loop system by having an intermediate frequency of 70 kHz. There has been many complaints the IC is obsolete. Book your comments ought to to understand the precise site to purchase the IC. For additional detailed explanation concerning the , take a look at the initial publish.


The work includes a digital watch designed with the aid of a 555 timer IC and 4-bit digit counter IC known as IC MM&4C926, in addition to a 7 segment display. The circuit can be simply designed and put together on the pcb. Further instructions and detailed working could be acquired in the original publish.


This circuit will not only be presented as the small project, but may also be put on your house electrical tools to safeguard them from over current fluctuations. The circuit requires quite simple components just like a , a couple of transistors, and a few diodes, relays ad Brought.

The detailed explanation is succumbed the publish above, and when you want it is simple to customize the circuit to really make it a computerized current stabilizer.


This circuit uses an LM 311 comparator IC along with a light dependent resistor since it's sensor. The creation of the LDR is offered towards the inverting input from the comparator. The resistance remains high when there's no light and also the resistance drops the moment light falls onto it. This reduces the current in the inverting input and therefore the comparator creates a high output which turns a transistor and therefore the relay on. An infinitely more detailed working could be acquired in the original publish.

Source: www.circuitstoday.com
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Pratik Kamat, GATE AIR-67, Electronics and Communication ...
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Electronics Communication Electrical Engineering Projects ...
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