Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

July 26, 2015
Of Computer Science and

Electrical engineering labPhoto by Noah BergerTo place it simply, domestic electricians and computer researchers can perform practically anything. The truly amazing factor about electrical engineering is it is deeply involved with high science, particularly physics. You are making things — or make sure they are better. Such things as solid-condition circuits, microwave electronics, quantum and optical electronics, large-scale systems and systems, or computer-assisted design — and individuals are only a couple of options. Typically, domestic electricians will concentrate on items that generate or transmit electricity or which use electricity like a energy source. They may design, assemble or test new products between the semiconductor towards the aerospace industries. Your choices are endless. Computer researchers also employ technology to resolve problems. They may write software to attain something totally new or do them faster. They've created programs for mobile products, develop websites or program software. Plus they could work anywhere, from online companies and nonprofits to large tech firms and government departments.

Why choose Berkeley?

Because our Department of Electrical Engineering &lifier Computer Sciences offers among the field’s most powerful research and training programs all over the world. Because our programs happen to be consistently rated within the top countrywide by individuals who rank academic programs. Due to our mix-disciplinary team-driven projects, with strong interactions that stretch into biological sciences, mechanical and civil engineering, physical sciences, chemistry, mathematics and procedures research. Because we attract top faculty, who've won every exclusive award in the National Medal of Science towards the ACM Turing Award. And Berkeley’s Distinguished Teaching Award continues to be provided to ten from the department’s faculty. There exists a legacy of creating research which has had deep impact, and our faculty still work on the cusp of technological possibility in artificial intelligence, robotics, cyber-physical systems, sensor technology, micro and nanoelectromechanical systems, large data, and computer architecture, graphics and engineering.

K. Vairavan Connects Electrical Engineering and Computer
K. Vairavan Connects Electrical Engineering and Computer ...
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ...
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