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July 23, 2015
Five New Faculty Members Boost

A student makes a presentation to his peers.Engineering remains an innovator in undergraduate education. Our college has produced innovative curriculum which supplies our students using the skill-set to become competitive within the global marketplace.

The objectives from the ECE program represent our vision for which our students is going to be doing within their engineering careers 5 years once they have graduated. The main actions we aim to promote within our students are expertise, innovation and leadership.

For more than 60 years, the Carnegie Plan of Professional Education is a vital element of the academic objectives of Carnegie Mellon College. The ECE department is constantly on the place great focus on problem fixing and style based on the traditions from the Carnegie Plan.

With the development of its innovative broad and versatile curriculum in 1991, the ECE Department energized professional problem fixing and style within their proper role within the engineering curriculum. The aim of ECE's curriculum is to produce a flexible undergraduate educational experience, composed of: mathematics, science, information technology and statistics general education (humanities, social sciences and fine arts) written and dental communication electrical and computer engineering core, breadth, coverage, depth, and capstone design needs in addition to free electives.

By enabling multiple pathways through our program, we are able to accommodate students with various skills, interests, abilities and career goals. Inside the flexible needs, the scholars can personalize and configure their programs to satisfy their objectives and particular career goals. Traditional students can get ready for technological careers in industry, graduate school or the direction to management. The greater interdisciplinary students can utilize our program like a starting pad for professional careers running a business, law, medicine, or public service.

Source: ece.cmu.edu
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