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November 2, 2015
Diesel Engine Electronic

Why will not the car engine die? To oversimplify the problem, it's partially due to its incumbency and partially since it is excellent at what it really does. Environmentalists hate it since it is dirty, even though some engineers pursue alternate energy forms, you will find still lots of wise people fine-tuning the car engine to really make it less dirty, more effective, and much more effective.

One individual within the latter category is Christian von Koenigsegg, the rather brilliant inventor behind the Swedish supercar skunkworks that bears his title. Anybody having a fundamental knowledge of how engines jobs are certain to be astounded by von Koenigsegg's latest, a camshaft-free design.

Having a conventional engine, the valves are impelled by cams which are always egg-formed, with every cam driving its attendant valve stem into its greatest extension in the pointiest area of the egg because the cam rotates around the camshaft. Simple physics dictate this be considered a gradual process due to the egg shape the valve progressively opens, maxes out, and progressively shuts. If your cam was formed as an off-center square, for example, the valve stem would break around the corners.

With von Koenigsegg's "Free Valve" engine design, the valves operate individually and digitally to depress/open, while an analog spring returns these to the closed position. What this means is the valves rapidly slam open, permitting fuel to ton the combustion chamber, then rapidly slam shut. Ditto for that exhaust valves. So fuel isn't progressively leaking in and exhaust isn't progressively leaking out—it's going BAM in, BAM out. The advantages? The engine is a lot more compact, obviously, needing no camshaft or timing belt. In addition they are projecting 30% less fuel consumption, 30% more torque, 30% more horsepower, along with a staggering 50% less pollutants.

Within the video below, von Koenigsegg walks you thru it:

It could just be me, however i found the recording somewhat freaky to look at since i never recognized just how much von Koenigsegg appears like a Swedish Vic Mackey from "The Shield." Because he walked the factory floor, I stored expecting him to punch someone within the stomach.

Incidentally, for individuals individuals doubters who'd wager against von Koenigsegg: Within the late 1980s/early 1990's he invented the Nick Player, a ipod that saved music on chips instead of cassettes or Compact disks. Nobody was interested. In '91 then he invented a method of setting up flooring without glues or nails individual boards would certainly click together. He demonstrated it to numerous flooring companies and again, nobody think it is viable, so he managed to move on. 4 years later a eu flooring company patented and released exactly the same idea.

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