Bachelor of Engineering Electronics

February 24, 2016
“The Bachelor of Engineering


Studying electronics inside a truly multicultural atmosphere in Metropolia provides you with an ideal start towards an worldwide career inside a challenging and fast developing area of technology. The amount provides you with a good basis to operate being an engineer all over the world in a variety of positions.


College within the Degree Programme in Electronics include extensive core requirement studies in natural sciences along with a diverse selection of electronics professional studies.

You are able to specialize within the following regions of electronics, amongst others: embedded systems, sensors, wireless telecommunications, and electronics and EMC. Professional qualifications are compounded with project management software, language and communication also it studies.

You will be taught intercultural aspects because of the multi-cultural study atmosphere and student community.


By studying electronics in Metropolia you are able to become a specialist for instance in creating and applying wireless sensor systems for environment control and efficient housing. As electronics engineer you'll work for instance being an electronics designer inside a research laboratory along with other specialists. Both you and your team design electronic circuits for various programs.

You might operate in the industrial facilities manufacturing and testing products. Being an engineer you may be a supervisor managing a group of specialists accountable for the manufacture. Within this role the environment issues will also be strongly stressed. As electronics engineer you may also work in the use, marketing and advertising from the products, since most of the products are extremely complex the deep understanding from the engineer is required during these activities.

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