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March 7, 2016
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Electronic Engineering Services" Electronic Engineering from Concept to Prototype"

SunMan Engineering provides Electronic and Mechanical engineering services to technology companies with a focus on Cool Product Introduction/Development (NPI). SunMan Engineering is exclusive within the breadth and technical complexity from the engineering services that people offer to the clients. Actually, we are able to offer full Product Management like a plan to our clients. Our engineering expertise spans both Electronic and mechanical designs for the product. Our process includes electronic circuit design (front-finish Electronic engineering), layout of printed circuit boards (PCB's), fabrication of PCB's, procurement of components, set up from the PCB's, testing the ultimate product, and final packaging like a mechanical box or cabinet.

SunMan Engineering provides the following Electronic &lifier Mechanical Engineering services in almost any combination needed by our clients:

SunMan Engineering can execute any of these pointed out Electronic or Mechanical engineering tasks. SunMan offers complete Program Control over this total process, as well as cool product Development Programs. This relieves the client associated with a logistic concerns concerning the administration and execution from the product program and focuses the duty for that program on SunMan Engineering. This streamlines communication, enables for greater versatility inside a program and minimizes the client assets needed to allow them to introduce new items.

Source: www.sunmantechnology.com
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DILINGER MIGRATION - Subramanian - Electronics Engineer ...
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Anventec +919448847874 Engineering Project Consultants ...
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S2E - Solving Systems Engineering - Electronic Solutions
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