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November 29, 2017
412 Hunters Trail
Thanks for visiting the Electronics Engineering Technology Program at Central Washington College. CWU provides a 4 year Bs Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology with areas of expertise in Electronic Systems and Computer Engineering Technology.

The Electronics Engineering Technology program is accredited through the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET/ETAC).

Have a video tour from the EET Facilities:

EET Program Educational Objectives

1. Program graduates will be ready for careers or educational possibilities of the choice.

2. Program graduates will have the ability to talk to their preferred constituencies.

3. Program graduates will have the ability to obtaining abilities and knowledge of their regions of interest.

4. Program graduates will take part in professional community organizations.

5. Program graduates will have the ability to use information from a number of media and constituencies to build up practical techniques and methods to resolve professional challenges.

Student Final results

1. the capability to choose and use the understanding, techniques, abilities, and technology advances from the discipline to broadly-defined engineering technology activities.

2. the capability to choose and use a understanding of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology to engineering technology issues that require the use of concepts and applied methods or methods.

3. the capability to conduct standard tests and dimensions to conduct, evaluate, and interpret experiments and also to apply experimental leads to improve processes.

4. the capability to create systems, components, or approaches for broadly-defined engineering technology problems appropriate to program educational objectives.

5. the capability to operate effectively like a member or leader on the technical team.

6. the capability to recognize, evaluate, and solve broadly-defined engineering technology problems.

7. the capability to use written, dental, and graphical communication both in technical and non-technical conditions as well as an capability to identify and employ appropriate technical literature.

8. an awareness of the requirement for as well as an ability to take part in self-directed ongoing professional development.

Source: www.cwu.edu
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DILINGER MIGRATION - Subramanian - Electronics Engineer ...
Anventec +919448847874 Engineering Project Consultants
Anventec +919448847874 Engineering Project Consultants ...
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S2E - Solving Systems Engineering - Electronic Solutions
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