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February 26, 2017
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Hardware engineeringSypris Electronics continues to be developing and manufacturing rugged Defense and Aerospace electronics for more than 45 years. We've designed and built systems utilized in every tough application from Aerospace to Tactical. Our engineers have experience of developing electronics for some of the world's biggest Aerospace and Defense prime companies in addition to directly using the U.S. Government.

Sypris Electronics provide full existence cycle hardware development services. Our Electronics, Mechanical, Quality, and Manufacturing engineers are members of the in advance needs and conceptual design process with this partners. This guarantees that people meet challenging design and manufacturing constraints.

EMI/EMC isn't a place that may be bolted onto a method late within the design process. Our experience of information security design has resulted in a powerful core competency in low radiation, low susceptibility electronics design. There's an on-site EMI and NSA accredited TEMPEST testing capacity to characterize and refine our designs in tangible-time.

Our engineers are steps from our factory floor, logistics group, and test facilities. This close day-to day interaction enables us to transition designs to real hardware in world-class cycle time.

Our electronics design capacity includes:

  • System modeling - There's an advanced modeling capacity including circuit simulation, electromagnetic analysis, and manufacturability
  • Communications systems design - High end electronics that interface to Radio wave and communications at network speed
  • Computing systems design - Processor, memory, and peripheral circuit design from small embedded products to large enterprise programs
  • Data acquisition system design - Signal conditioning front finishes and knowledge collection electronics with embedded pre-processing for challenging programs
  • Energy systems design - Low-noise, integrated energy electronics for communications along with other Radio wave sensitive programs
  • FPGA development - Our engineers develop FPGA firmware for complex, computationally intensive programs
  • Schematic Capture and Layout - We take designs from concept completely to full production data packages
  • The perception of Manufacturing - Our tightly integrated design and manufacturing team guarantees the items will come across production needs

Our mechanical design capacity includes:

  • Environment Packaging - Whether it's just one board, a Line Exchangeable Unit (LRU), or integrated electronics suite Sypris Engineers possess the experience to create the electronics packaging to satisfy all relevant MIL STD 810F environment needs. Our on-site environment test capacity enables early prototype tests to make sure product performance.
  • EMI Shielding - Our mechanical engineers work carefully using the electrical designs to guarantee the EMC/EMI control plans are adopted and needs are met
Source: www.sypriselectronics.com
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