Pneumatic control for Industrial Automation

October 25, 2018
Automation often adds

Ventalator with Pace High flow Proportional valve - Parker Hannifin Precision FluidicsOur previous publish talked about how developments in technologies for example drives showcase certain trends inside a quickly changing industry. Here, let’s have a look at trends in FieldBus-based pneumatic and piezo-actuated valve technologies.

Developments in pneumatics

A large trend is pneumatics changing from traditional manual to FieldBus installations. Generally, a FieldBus replaces point-to-point links between “field” products for example sensors and actuators of the plant as well as their remotes (for example, PLCs or CNCs) with a digital single link which all the details is sent. FieldBus systems are progressively preferred because data transmission is completed in a typical form appropriate for factory communication.

Simpler wiring

This trend has come to light largely consequently of elevated labor costs. Shipping a device around, frequently requires a lot of labor to first dismantle the device. Traditional manual systems are hardwired. FieldBus systems, though, only use a couple of wires and energy cords, which makes it much simpler to get rid of the user interface from the whole working tool and ship the device.

Growing standardization

Furthermore, pneumatic component connects are progressively standardized. In the past, most producers used their very own proprietary connects on their own pneumatic items but providers are actually supplying products for example valves and cylinders that stick to an ISO standard, therefore the items from various providers are interchangeable. Thus, OEMs aren't locked into one manufacturer in the future and engineers could make changes rapidly. Essentially, standardization allows companies have versatility within their supply chains.

Pace HF Piezo -Actuated Valve - Microfluidics, Precision Fluidics Division Parker Hannifin Microfluidics goes piezo

Microfluidics involves small liquid valves, pneumatic or air valves, liquid pumps, or air or pneumatic pumps that control and pump liquids. The popularity here's that microfluidic products are progressively moving towards piezo-actuated technology. A good example is our PACE Hf proportional valve, typically accustomed to supply certain blends of air and oxygen into ventilators, with respect to the patient's vital signs.

Previously, feedback happened using a straight analog signal delivered to the valve. Challenging was that precise control was required to move from a proportion of the really low percentage, say one to two percent of oxygen, completely to full saturation, or 100 % oxygen. Formerly, valve producers accomplished this via a large solenoid coil having a strong spring. However, the coil involved how big a soda can and produced lots of warmth.

Enhanced control

In comparison to older technologies, the interest rate Hf valve’s piezo actuation offers the equivalent flow and really enhances controllability in the lower ranges of just one percent oxygen-air mix. One form of the valve uses an analog signal which still originates from the primary board around the ventilator. Another version is digital and needs additional software in the ventilator manufacturer to manage the valve.

Also, the piezo actuator is just about how big a bundle of gum. The actuator supplies a considerable amount of travel, meaning the little package can offer lots of flow.

Lower energy needs

Piezo actuators use considerably less energy than solenoids. This is often important once the ventilators take presctiption battery energy while someone has been moved for an ICU for recovery since it removes the priority the device will potentially exhaust energy before readily stored away blocked into the wall.

It’s great

At Parker’s Automation Group, we have seen our clients progressively changing solenoids with piezo actuators. Frequently one proportional valve can replace multiple solenoids, cutting costs for that equipment OEM in addition to saving space.

Article led by Nic Copley, V . P . Technology and Innovation, Automation Group, Parker Hannifin Corp.

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