Programmable Logic Controllers and Industrial Automation

November 23, 2015
Logic Controller (PLC)
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Rexroth PLCs

Bosch Rexroth IndraLogic PLC systems, with different uniform platform in the PC, within the controller and also to the drive, set new standards for open and versatile automation. Along with Rexroth's IndraControl platform and also the innovative IndraWorks engineering framework, customers get personalized PLC systems for his or her automation concepts.

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Featured Product: IndraControl L65
The IndraControl L65 PAC has got the features you have to meet complex engineering challenges - scalable hardware, unified programming software, pre-developed functions, robust memory and built-in connectivity. The IndraControl L65 PAC features:
  • 36-Megabytes program memory along with a 1-GHz processor
  • Multitasking abilities, including capability to run multiple device profiles
  • Support for 64 axes of control
  • Connects for Profinet, DeviceNet and SERCOS III buses
Find out more about IndraControl L65 PAC IndraControl Control Components
IndraControl may be the flexible control platform its Rexroth's industry-specific solutions. The IndraControl L, P and PPC components would be the hardware platform for Rexroth controller-based machine control solutions. IndraLogic PLC Systems
Rexroth IndraLogic PLC systems are scalable and on different hardware platforms. Using the identical PLC runtime system and standard programming with IndraWorks engineering framework, IndraLogic will come in two core designs:
Programmable Logic Control (PLC) System For Industrial
Programmable Logic Control (PLC) System For Industrial ...
EJ501 Programmable Logic Controller PLC And Automation
EJ501 Programmable Logic Controller PLC And Automation ...
Programmable Logic Controller
Programmable Logic Controller
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