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October 15, 2015
MPhil is of 50 credit hours
Civil Engineer announcementOffers majors in Civil engineering, Computer engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, and Information Technology. Degree programs inside the department are made to give a rigorous academic component combined with real-world, hands-on experience. The department's levels prepare students for careers in industry too for graduate school.

All the department's programs are located within the Kinsley Engineering Center. The 43Thousand-square-feet building is built to promote interactions and mix-disciplinary projects one of the department's majors. The Kinsley Engineering Center is really a student-oriented facility that contains condition-of-the-art labs along with a large common area where students in the various majors can turn to study, interact, focus on collaborative projects or simply relax.

Department News

Our department has added a brand new degree in civil engineering, which is available beginning Fall 2016! This can be a quickly growing area and we have produced a course that's centered on hands-on experience. On this program.

, the engineering and information technology programs, that have been formerly area of the Physical Sciences Department, grew to become the Engineering and Information Technology Department. This brand new department was created since the majors inside the engineering and information technology disciplines have become, and therefore are ongoing to develop. The initial engineering and information technology programs at You are able to College were began in 1995 using the mechanical engineering program. There is just one faculty member and 21 students within this program. Now, two decades after the development of the mechanical engineering program, you will find greater than 350 students and 19 faculty and staff people who're an element of the engineering and information technology programs. Because of this incredible growth, You are able to College of Pennsylvania has produced another department for that engineering and information technology programs.

The development of this brand new department enables the engineering and information technology programs to become more visible within the campus community. The additional exposure of these programs is mainly in You are able to College guides as well as on the You are able to College website. Furthermore, creating this brand new department for that engineering and information technology programs enables for additional development in the possibilities these programs offer students. Tim Garrison, Ph.D, who's the Chair of the new department, stated, “We are presently exploring civil, environment, and chemical engineering to find out if a number of individuals programs will be a good accessory for the engineering majors offered by You are able to College.” Besides permitting future engineering students more possibilities, these potential inclusions in the department could allow current students to understand more about more subjects in engineering through additional courses within the department. Garrison stated, “In short, the development from the Department of Engineering and Information Technology is extremely exciting and can help the college and it is students in several ways.” – KB

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering, the largest of engineering disciplines, has lengthy performed a vital role in adapting scientific understanding to social needs. In just about any sector in our economy, mechanical engineers design machines, processes, and mechanical systems of all.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical engineering and Computer engineering are some of the quickest growing engineering fields today, and together they make up the single biggest engineering discipline.

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Information Technology

Information Technology is study regarding calculations and also the issues involved with applying them. This research includes computer languages and systems the techniques accustomed to develop and specify calculations and also the ideas and models essential to evaluate and understand calculations, company systems, as well as their interrelationship.

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Civil Engineering (Fall 2016)

Civil Engineering gives students two tracks of study: traditional civil engineering a treadmill targeted toward environment engineering for individuals thinking about sustainable design. This brand new degree can be obtained beginning Fall 2016.

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Darrell P Freitas '12

Darrell used his problem-fixing and communications abilities to land a situation in a company devoted to evolving the science and art of media production.

Two ECE students selected for Elite TechCelerator Program!

Those who win of history two Student Elevator Pitch Competitions happen to be recognized in to the Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP) TechCelerator program, which makes them the first and second You are able to University student endeavors to become recognized within the good reputation for this program. The scholars are Kyle Musco, senior computer engineering major from West Chester, Pa., Andrew Komar, senior criminal justice major from You are able to, and Frederick Beck, junior electrical engineering major of Elizabethtown, Pa.

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International Students at The School of Engineering and ...
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