High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering

December 4, 2015
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  • Explores many prominent worldwide supercomputing systems, including Sequoia, Mira, Tsubame 2., JUGENE, Tianhe-1A, Titan, and Pleiades
  • Talks about each system’s software and hardware architectures, like the Cray XK7 and Blue Gene/Q
  • Covers the facilities for every system, including energy and cooling
  • Describes application workloads for every site
  • Presents historic and forecasted trends in technology and programs, like the "greening" of supercomputing


concentrates on the environments all around the world’s leading centers for top performance computing (HPC). It covers most of the key elements involved with each ecosystem: computer architectures, software, programs, facilities, and sponsors.

Part one from the book examines significant trends in HPC systems, including computer architectures, programs, performance, and software. It talks about the development from terascale to petascale computing and also the influence from the TOP500 and Green500 lists. The 2nd area of the book supplies a comprehensive summary of 18 HPC environments from around the globe. Each chapter within this section describes programmatic motivation for HPC as well as their important programs a flagship HPC system overview covering computer architecture, system software, programming systems, storage, visualization, and statistics support and an introduction to their data center/facility. The final area of the book addresses the function of clouds and grids in HPC, including sections around the Magellan, FutureGrid, and LLGrid projects.

With contributions from top scientists directly involved with creating, implementing, and taking advantage of these supercomputing systems, this book captures a worldwide picture from the condition from the art in HPC.

Table of Contents

Trends in HPC
Contemporary High End Computing, Jeffrey S. Vetter

HPC Challenge: Design, History, and Implementation Highlights, Jack Dongarra and Piotr Luszczek

The Green500 List: A Remember Expect, Wu-chun Feng, Kirk Cameron, and Thomas Scogland

Contemporary HPC
Tera 100, Mickael Amiet, Patrick Carribault, Elisabeth Charon and Guillaume Colin p Verdiere, Philippe Deniel, and Gilles Grospellier

Source: www.crcpress.com
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