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April 6, 2016
Launch your computer science

Hank LevyWelcome.Appreciate your curiosity about the College of Washington’s Professional Master’s Program (PMP) in Information Technology &lifier Engineering. The PMP is made for fully-employed professionals whose primary interest rates are in ongoing on their own career pathways while obtaining critical abilities to maneuver them into positions and projects of greater responsibility and impact. Admission is competitive however, we're proud to possess graduated over 700 software professionals because the program’s beginning in 1996.

The Professional Master’s Program offers unique advantages to working professionals. Included in this:

  • An association to the pc Science &lifier Engineering community at UW, a course consistently rated one of the top in america. See exactly what the New You are able to Occasions states about UW CSE!
  • An chance to have interaction along with other gifted area professionals inside a flexible, part-time learning atmosphere that blends focused academic training and exciting colloquia with practical engineering and development experience and tools.
  • A 50 member world-class faculty, worldwide recognized for their contributions to key technical fields, including both core information technology research and interdisciplinary research in fields for example computational biology and neuroscience. This faculty brings the most recent abilities and understanding, in addition to their extensive experience, in to the class to profit your items and projects.

Your degree could be gained in 2 and something-half years if you take as many as 8 courses and acquiring 8 colloquium credits. Courses typically meet one evening each week and canopy an extensive selection of information technology subjects. You may choose courses that fit your interests and work agendas and supplement them by attending or viewing online topical colloquia to accomplish the forty needed credits required to earn your Master’s in Information Technology and Engineering.

Now more than ever before, remaining up-to-date with the rapid rate of alternation in our area can produce a factor inside your job performance and career possibilities. Please make use of this site to understand more about trading inside your technical future with this affordable and part-time Professional Master’s Program. Good luck for the graduate school and ongoing professional success.

Henry M. Levy
Chairman, UW Information Technology &lifier Engineering
B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering
B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering
NPTEL :: Computer Science and Engineering - NOC
NPTEL :: Computer Science and Engineering - NOC ...
Computer Science and Engineering Distinguished Lecturer
Computer Science and Engineering Distinguished Lecturer ...
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