The Ultimate Guide to Top 13 SEO Tools in 2020


SEO is a popular term that stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the total number of online visitors that frequent a given website. It involves efforts that aim at making a website more visible to search engines. Common examples of search engines include Google, Bing, Baidu, to mention but just a few.

SEO has evolved tremendously, over the years from, 1991, when Tim Bernes-Lee developed the world’s first website. Over the years, designers keep designing much more advanced sites. Thanks to the inclusion of web development in the college curriculum, more designers come up.

Today, the world has over two hundred thousand web designers and web developers. These designers are capable of fully optimizing a website to make them more user-friendly.

Ultimate SEO Tools


SEMrush is a modern software application that helps to simplify search engine optimization. The software enables companies to run SEO, social media, pay-per-click, as well as other marketing methods.


Ahrefs is an efficient SEO tool that’s used for SEO analysis as well as the creation of backlinks for marketing purposes.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is the leading SEO tool for companies, business owners, or SEO specialists. The software helps to offer suitable keyword suggestions to help identify the most performing keywords.

Top 10 SEO Tools 2020

  • Google Search Console; an SEO tool that allows the user to closely monitor and report on their site’s presence in SERP.

  • KWFinder SEO tool; software that helps website owners to find long-tail keywords with little competition.

  • Ubersuggest SEO tool; an SEO tool that allows users to find keywords quickly as well as to display the search intent based on their SERP’s rankings.

  • SpyFu; a free SEO tool that helps a user to know how many times a given keyword is searched per month.

  • GoogleTrends; a popular SEO checker as well as a good displayer of the best trends related to a given topic or keywords.

  • Woorank; an SEO analysis software as well as good tracker and reporter of different marketing data.

  • Siteliner; an efficient SEO tool that checks and displays duplicate content that may exist on your website. It’s capable of scanning the entire site and gives feedback fast and efficiently.

  • SEOQuake; a free SEO tool that quickly performs on-page site audits as well as comparing your website with your competitors’ to determine which is performing better.

  • Majestic; a marketing SEO tool that helps to display the rankings of the registered websites. It also shows all the backlinks that exist in your site.

  • 10. Keywords Everywhere; a useful SEO software that compares keywords and identifies the best-ranked keywords.

Top 10 SEO Tools Descriptions

1. Google Search Control
a) Introduction

Google search control is a free SEO tool that is given to every legitimate website owner. The tool helps website owners to closely monitor and report their website’s presence on Google SERP.

b) Key Features
  • It has a performance tab
  • It also has index coverage
  • Google search control has enhancement tabs
  • It also features URL inspections
c) Pricing Plan

Google offers Google Search control freely to any website owner.

2. KWFinder SEO tool
a) Introduction

KWFinder is a useful SEO tool that helps the users to find all the long-tail keywords easily. It enables users to identify the best keywords to use.

b) Key Features
  • It features a search tab
  • It has a suggestions option
  • It has a green ‘find keywords’ option
c) Pricing plan

KWFinder’s basic plan begins from $29.90 monthly. This plan covers SERP looks up that totals to 100 daily.

3. Ubersuggest SEO tool
a) Introduction

Ubersuggest is an excellent SEO tool that helps the users to identify keywords and to analyze them.

b) Key Features
  • It features a ‘keyword ideas’ feature.
  • Ubersuggest features a ‘related’ option.
  • It also features a questions section
c) Pricing plan

Ubersuggest offers a current pricing plan and a Pro pricing plan. The current plan is free, whereas the popular plan costs $29 per month.

4. SpyFu SEO Tool
a) Introduction

SpyFu is a free SEO tool that displays the total number of times a given keyword is searched every month. However, there exists a premium version that offers additional services to the users.

b) Key features
  • It has a large search bar in the middle.
  • The SEO tool  has backlinks exports
  • It also offers unlimited backlink results
  • The SEO tool  also has in-depth SEO reports
c) Pricing plan

As hinted before, SpyFu exists in both free and premium versions. The premium version starts from $33 per month.

5. Google trends
a) Introduction

Google trends give an in-depth analysis of a keyword as well as insights regarding a given topic. Users can use Google trends to search for the best keywords to apply for a different purpose, including marketing content creation.

b) Key Features
  • It displays the frequency of a keyword
  • It shows the site’s total search volume
  • Google trends have a trending searches section
c) Pricing plan

Google trend only has a premium pricing plan.

6. Woorank
a) Introduction

Woorank is an SEO tool that provides both free as well as paid in-depth reports concerning your marketing data. Additionally, users can use the tool to know the most performing keywords.

b) Key Features
  • It offers competitor’s analysis
  • Woorank also has in-depth reports
  • Backlink analysis.
  • It also offers KPI monitoring
c) Pricing plan

Wooranks offers both a free and a premium version. The premium Woorank version starts from $49 per month.

7. Siteliner SEO tool
a) Introduction

Siteliner helps the users to scan their website to identify any duplicate information on your website, broken links as well as display the internal links per page.

b) Key Features
  • It displays page power
  • It detects broken links
  • Displays duplicate information
  • Outputs an entire website’s summary
c) Pricing Plan

Siteliner offers both free as well as paid pricing plans. The paid version can scan up to 25000 website pages.

8. SEOQuake
a) Introduction

SEQuake helps website owners to perform on-page site audits. Additionally, the tool also helps one to compare websites to determine how they’re doing against their competitors.

b) Key features
  • It features an SEO bar.
  • It outputs vast data
  • It has a broad SEO dashboard
c) Pricing plan

The premium version is highly affordable.

9. Majestic SEO tool
a) Introduction

Majestic helps to display the rankings of all the websites in existence. Additionally, it also finds the best keywords based on their performance.

b) Key features
  • It has a page filter
  • Data range filter
  • URL targeting
c) Pricing plan

Majestic pricing begins from $41.66 per month.

10. Keyword Everywhere
a) Introduction

Keyword Everywhere tool aggregates data for the website owners to help them find the best keywords. Usually, the SEO tool chooses the keywords with the best rankings.

b) Key features
  • It has customization settings
  • Stars keywords
  • It offers keyword suggestions
c) Pricing plan

Keyword Everywhere pricing starts from $1 for 10000 credits of keyword related information.

In conclusion, the internet attracts nearly 4.6 billion people every day. Therefore, the best way to market your brand, products, or brand, is through friendly websites. Consequently, you have every reason to use all these SEO tools to provide persuasive and professional content for the target audience. The pricing plans available for each of these SEO tools are affordable.

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